INTRIG Participation at IEEE NetSoft 2023


Recently the members of the Information and Networking Technologies Research and Innovation Group (INTRIG), along with the principal investigator Prof. Christian Rothenberg from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil, participated in the 9th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft 2023) held in Madrid, Spain from June 19th to June 23rd.

NetSoft has established itself as a major platform for researchers and professionals to showcase their cutting-edge work and exchange ideas in Network Softwarization over the past few years. This year’s conference theme was “Boosting Future Networks through Advanced Softwarization.”


During this renowned international event, the following members of INTRIG showcased their research contributions and findings:

  • Celso Henrique Cesila presented the work titled “Chat-IBN-RASA: Building an Intent Translator for Packet-Optical Networks based on RASA”  in the workshop on Intent-Based Networking (WIN’2023), co-located with the NetSoft event.

Celso Presenting
Ph.D. candidate Celso Cesila presenting at the Workshop session on NetSoft 23.


  • Md Tariqul Islam presented the work titled “Predicting XR Services QoE with ML: Insights from In-band Encrypted QoS Features in 360-VR” [PDF] in the technical session (TS3: AI/ML and Networking).

MD Tariqul
Ph.D. cadidate Tariqul Islam presenting at Technical Session.


  • Francisco Germano Vogt presented the work titled “QoEyes: Towards Virtual Reality Streaming QoE Estimation Entirely in the Data Plane”   in both the technical session (SS6: Dataplane Programmability) and the demo session (DS1: Demo Session).
Francisco's presentation.
Francisco's Presentation
Ph.D. student Francisco Vogt presenting at Technical Session
Ph.D. student Francisco Vogt at Demo Session.
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  • Fabricio Rodriguez Cesen presented the work titled “Towards Multiple Pipelines Network Emulation with P7” in the demo session (DS1: Demo Session).

Ph.D. candidate Fabricio Cesen at the Demo session.


Furthermore, the leader of INTRIG, Prof. Christian Rothenberg, served as the co-chair for a keynote session (Keynote 1 and 2) and chair for a technical session (TS2: NFX and SFC) during the first day of the conference’s main track.

INTRIG leader Prof. Christian Esteve Rothenberg at NetSoft23.
INTRIG leader Prof. Christian Esteve Rothenberg at NetSoft23.
INTRIG leader Prof. Christian Esteve Rothenberg at NetSoft23.
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Throughout the conference, INTRIG actively engaged in meaningful discussions exchanged ideas, and received valuable feedback from peers and experts in their respective fields. Additionally, current INTRIG members had the pleasure of meeting with INTRIG alumni Danny Alex Lachos Peréz , who also chaired the workshop on Intent-Based Networking (WIN’2023).

INTRIG at NetSoft23
Selfie with Danny Lachos.


INTRIG also had the opportunity to interact with Wolfgang John from Ericsson Research, one of the event’s keynote speakers. Moreover, INTRIG met with Luis Contreras, an advisory board member of SMARTNESS FAPESP Engineering Research Center (ERC), Juan Carlos Garcia from Telefonica, another keynote speaker at the event, and Chrysa Papagianni, PI of the DESIRE6G Project. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of NetSoft 2023 for providing us with this invaluable opportunity to attend the conference. It has enabled INTRIG to network with fellow researchers, explore emerging advancements in Network Softwarization, and establish potential collaborations for future research endeavors.

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