Participation in SBRC 2018

The Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC) is the most important national scientific event on computer networks and distributed systems, and one of the most crowded in the computer science field. The 36th edition of this Symposium was held in Campos do Jordão (São Paulo) from May, 6th until 10th.


The INTRIG group had an active engagement during the event:

  • Prof. Christian Rothenberg presented an invited talk on “Multi-domain Orchestration” in the 19th Workshop RNP. This presentation is an overview of network services orchestration in multi-domain environments covering different aspects such as standardization efforts, solutions, research projects and application scenarios (see slides and video).
  • In the SBRC demo session, Fabricio Rodriguez and Gyanesh Patra presented the tool “BB-Gen” – A Packet Crafter for Data Plane Evaluation.
  • Prof. Christian Rothenberg and David Moura presented the NECOS project to stand visitors. NECOS project is co-funded by the European Union (H2020-777067) and RNP/CTIC under the EU-Brazil Joint Call EUB-01-2017 aiming to develop and experiment a Lightweight Slice Defined Cloud (LSDC). NECOS is organized as a consortium of 11 partners (7 from Brazil and 4 from Europe) with UNICAMP acting as the Brazilian coordinator.


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