The ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) offers a unique forum for graduate students (i.e., enrolled in a master or Ph.D. program) and undergraduate students (students enrolled in a program below master level) to present their original research before a panel of judges and attendees.

The competition runs together with SIGCOMM posters and demos session and consists of two rounds: pre-selection and poster/demo presentation. Our INTRIG member Fabricio Rodriguez succeeded in all rounds and won the silver medal for his work “P4 Programmable Patch Panel (P7): An Instant 100G Emulated Network on Your Tofino-based Pizza Box“.

In the demonstration, Fabricio discusses options to validate a network topology, including the link metrics, which are traditionally based on virtual environments which limit experimentation with transmission speeds over 10Gbps. With the programmability that P4 brings to the network and the capabilities of new generation hardware supporting the PSA (Portable Switch Architecture) and TNA (Tofino Native Architecture) P4 architectures, he defines emulation characteristics of the links and demonstrates a network topology with high fidelity and computation power using a single physical P4 switch.



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