INTRIG was present at the 42nd Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores e Sistemas Distribuídos (SBRC), 2024 edition held at Federal Fluminense University (UFF), Niterói, Brazil. The SBRC symposium is an annual event held by the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC) and the Computer Networks Laboratory (LARC).

The research group participation took place through a VR demonstration at SMARTNESS Room – later SMARTNESS booth -, two Demonstration Posters and a Workshop Paper.

Ph.D students Mauricio Xavier, Alan Teixeira, Tariql Islam and Francisco Vogt with MSc. students Sergio Rossi and Filipo Gabert.


SmartNess ShowRoom

Developed by INTRIGUERS to the Meta Quest 3 using Unity, a Showroom was presented  in a dedicated room and booth. Led by MSc. student Rafael Clerici, the attendees could experiment hands-on immersive virtual reality.

Rafael Clerici demonstrating the showroom to a symposium participant at SMARTNESS room.

Rafael Clerici
Rafael Clerici giving instructions to attendees at SMARTNESS booth.


Ph.D. students Tariql Islam and Mauricio Xavier presenting the showroom at the booth.


MSc. student Sergio Rossi da Silva presented the work entitled “Towards TSN-5G integration: simulating time synchronization through 5G via OMNeT++”.  MSc Filipo Gabert Costa and Ph.D. student Francisco Vogt  presented the work entitled “Towards Time-Sensitive Networking Traffic Generation with PIPO-TG”. You can check the full papers at our publications page.

Sérgio Rossi presenting his DEMO.


MSc. student Filipo Gabert Costa and Ph.D student Francisco Vogt presented the work entitled “Towards Time-Sensitive Networking Traffic Generation with PIPO-TG”. Their work won the second-best DEMO award of the symposium!

Francisco Vogt and Filipo Gabert explaining the technichal details of the PIPO-TG.

The Tutorials:

Ph.D student Ariel Góes de Castro, along with prof. Christian Esteve Rothenberg, and prof. Fábio Luciano Verdi, presented the course entitled “Generation of Synthetic Datasets in the Context of Computer Networks using Generative Adversarial Networks”.

Ph.D student Ariel Goés presenting the tutorial.


Another tutorial was presented by Ph.D student Francisco Vogt, alongside with  Marcelo Caggiani Luizelli, Francisco Vogt, Guilherme Mendes Vieira de Matos, Weverton Cordeiro, Alberto Egon Schaeffer-Filho, Marcos Schwarz, Fábio Luciano Verdi, and Christian Esteve Rothenberg, presented the course entitled “SmartNICs: The Next Leap in Networking”

Francisco Vogt presenting the tutorial at SBRC 24.

The Workshop:

MSc. student Kleber Rezende presented the work titled “DCSG-P4: Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) em pipeline programável de pacotes interoperável” at Workshop de Gerência e Operação de Redes e Serviços (WGRS). This work was also granted an honorable mention at the symposium!

MSc. student Kleber Rezende presenting his work at WGRS workshop.


Another SBRC edition that INTRIG group fulfill its objective of active participation with high quality research publications works. Cheers and hopefully see you at the next event!


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