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Intrig 2023

Information for Prospective Students

We are always looking for talented and motivated new members for the INTRIG research group at DCA/FEEC/UNICAMP!

This note provides some basic information for PhD/MSc/Undergrad students/applicants who are interested in joining our group.

We are looking for students with creativity, deep thinking, and a strong competitive drive. Generally, we work on innovative networking, computing technologies, open research challenges (often in partnership with the industry), and other research groups and open source projects worldwide.

Check our projects and publications to learn more about our research activities and determine whether your research interests are aligned with ours.

Be aware, however, that while we work very hard to lead our students, we also demand a lot from our students in energy, hard work and commitment.
Read the information on our home page before contacting us.

You can find all the basic information about the admission process at the FEEC CPG admission web site.

For international students, check the Unicamp International Relations Office (VRERI) for useful information, including pre-arrival, admission, VISA, etc.
Here you can find some informative videos about FEEC, Unicamp and Campinas city.

A Few Reasons to Join our research group at DCA/FEEC/UNICAMP

  • UNICAMP is a highly ranked University where you will enjoy a well-balanced student life.
  • You become part of an active and cooperative research team of graduate and undergraduate students.
  • You work on fundamental research problems and make an impact by producing high-impact research results, cutting-edge networking technologies contributing to the formation of high-value competences in industry and academia, and highly-cited publications that altogether add up into a solid dissertation.
  • You receive a great deal of attention and advice in your research from us, from our external collaborators (national and international) who are well-known senior researchers in the networking community, and senior members of FEEC and UNICAMP.
  • There are many opportunities to get involved in (national and international) collaborative projects with our research group.
  • You also get a chance to do an internship in (national and international) research labs and academic partners to work on projects related to your own research.

INTRIG members at SBRC 2023 (Brasília, Brazil).


INTRIG alumnus Danny Lachos (far left) at with Francisco Vogt, Celso Cesilla, Fabricio Rodriguez and Tariqul Islam. Madrid, 2023.


INTRIG members Tariql Islam, Kleber, Alan Teixeira, Raza, Francisco Vogt, Arthur Simas, Marcos Almeida and Fabricio Rodriguez at GLOBECOM 2022 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).


Information for Ph.D. Students (Doutorado)

We are always looking for new PhD students every year.

Our group conducts research in several applied areas of network systems.

Check our projects and publications to learn more about our research activities and determine whether your research interests are aligned with ours.

Working-level English skills (written and oral) are mandatory.

Information for MSc Students (Mestrado)

MSc students greatly contribute to our research projects!

We are always looking for motivated and talented MSc students to join our team.

Having solid knowledge in computer networks and basic programming skills are essential.

Decent English skills are desired.

Undergraduate Research Projects (IC, TFC)

We are looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated undergraduate students who have excellent analytical and programming skills, while being willing to accept challenges and engage in networking research problems.

Knowledge of computer and network architecture are recommended. Likewise, knowledge of programming languages are a plus (e.g., Python, C++). Willingness to learn, while improving their algorithm design and analysis skills is also a requirement. We normally have various interesting short-term and long-term projects in these fields.


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Av. Albert Einstein – 400, Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz
CEP: 13083-852, Campinas, SP, Brazil.