New publication @ JNSM: Machine Learning-Assisted Closed-Control Loops for Beyond 5G Multi-Domain Zero-Touch Networks

Nathan Franklin Saraiva de Sousa, Md Tariqul Islam, Raza Ul Mustafa, Danny Alex Lachos Perez, Christian Esteve Rothenberg and Pedro Henrique Gomes. “Machine Learning-Assisted Closed-Control Loops for Beyond 5G Multi-Domain Zero-Touch Networks“. In Journal of Network and Systems Management (JNSM). 2022.


End-to-End (E2E) services in beyond 5G (B5G) networks are expected to be built upon resources and services distributed in multi-domain, multi-technology environments. In such scenarios, key challenges around multi-domain management and collaboration need to be tackled. ETSI Zero-touch network and Service Management (ZSM) architectural framework provides the structure and methods for effectively delivering E2E network services. ZSM pursues cross-domain automation with minimum human intervention through two main enablers: Closed Control Loop (CCL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this work, we propose a multi-domain ZSM-based architecture aiming at B5G scenarios where several per-domain CCLs leverage Machine Learning (ML) methods to collaborate in E2E service management tasks. We instantiate the architecture in the use case scenario of multi-domain automated healing of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) video services. We present two ML-assisted techniques, first to estimate a Service Level Agreement (SLA) violation through a Edge-based Quality of Experience (QoE) Probe, and second to identify the root cause at the core transport network. Results from the experimental evaluation in an emulation environment using real mobile network traces point to the potential benefits of applying ML techniques for QoS-to-QoE estimation at Multi-Access Edge Computing facilities and correlation to faulty transport network links. Altogether, the work contributes towards a vision of ML-based sandbox environments in the spirit of E2E service and network digital twins towards the realization of automated, multi-domain CCLs for B5G.

Date of Publication: 22 April 2022
Publisher: Springer Nature

  title={Machine Learning-Assisted Closed-Control Loops for Beyond 5G Multi-Domain Zero-Touch Networks},
  author={de Sousa, Nathan Franklin Saraiva and Islam, Md Tariqul and Mustafa, Raza Ul and Perez, Danny Alex Lachos and Rothenberg, Christian Esteve and Gomes, Pedro Henrique},
  journal={Journal of Network and Systems Management},

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