Survey on Network Service Orchestration (NSO)

The INTRIG team has developed a comprehensive survey on Network Service Orchestration (NSO). The main goals are to provide a  review of research, standardization, and software development efforts around the overcharged term of Network Service Orchestration.  The figure below presents a generic high-level reference model for multi-domain Network Service Orchestration, featuring a Multi-Domain Orchestrator (MDO) per administrative realm and including the notion of a Marketplace for business interactions.

The current survey has 30 pages and is organized as depicted in the figure below.

This work is under submission for peer review at IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. The authors made available a current pdf version at  and GitHub. Until then, and even after an eventual publication, any feedback to improve the work is most welcome.  The objective is to turn the Github and arXiv versions of this publication a “living document” driven by community contributions as NSO evolves. Your contributions can be via Github issues and pull requests.


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