New publication: The NECOS Approach to End-to-End Cloud-Network Slicing as a Service

S. Clayman, A. Neto, F. Verdi, S. Correa, S. Sampaio, I. Sakellariou, L. Mamatas, R. Pasquini, K. Cardoso, F. Tusa, C. Esteve Rothenberg, J. Serrat. “The NECOS Approach to End-to-End Cloud-Network Slicing as a Service“. In IEEE Communications Magazine. March 2021


Cloud-network slicing is a promising approach to serve vertical industries delivering their services over multiple administrative and technological domains. However, there are numerous open challenges to provide end-to-end slices due to complex business and engineering requirements from service and resource providers. This article presents a reference architecture for the cloud-network slicing concept and the practical realization of the slice-as-a-service paradigm, which are key results from the Novel Enablers in Cloud Slicing (NECOS) project. The NECOS platform has been designed to consider modularity, separation of concerns, and multi-domain dynamic operation as prime attributes. The architecture comprises a set of interworking components to automatically create, manage, and decommission end-to-end cloud-network slice instances in a lightweight manner. NECOS orchestrates slices at runtime, spanning across core/edge data centers and wired/wireless network infrastructures. The novelties of the multi-domain NECOS platform are validated through three proof-of-concept experiments: (i) a touristic content delivery service slice deployment featuring on-demand virtual infrastructure management across three countries on different continents to meet particular slice requirements; (ii) intelligent slice elasticity driven by machine learning techniques; and (iii) market-place-based resource discovery capabilities.
Date of Publication: March 2021
author={Clayman, Stuart and Neto, Augusto and Verdi, Fábio and Correa, Sand and Sampaio, Silvio and Sakelariou, Ilias and Mamatas, Lefteris and Pasquini, Rafael and Cardoso, Kleber and Tusa, Francesco and Rothenberg, Christian and Serrat, Joan},
journal={IEEE Communications Magazine}, 
title={The NECOS Approach to End-to-End Cloud-Network Slicing as a Service}, 

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