Upcoming NECOS Industrial Workshop at CPQD (Oct-18)

NECOS Industrial Workshop

Always-on connectivity along distributed computing resources allows providers to extend their service capillarity over multiple technologies and across multiple operators. Under a multi-tenancy approach to share network and computing infrastructures, network slicing is considered a critical enabler to deliver tailored services in 5G networks. “Slice” is a grouping of physical and/or virtual resources which can act as a seemingly independent sub-cloud, sub-network, and can accommodate service components. There are some fragmented solutions under discussion, lacking essential features such as slice isolation, slices discovery, and mechanisms for cross-domain slice federation. How can these challenges be overcome to enable such forward-looking scenarios which unlock new business models and opportunities?

Fostered by the EU-Brazil NECOS (Novel Enablers for Cloud Slicing) consortium, the NECOS Industrial Workshop brings together external organizations from industry, research, and academia to discuss visions and real-world challenges from different perspectives, concerning 5G, Slicing & Cloudification.

NECOS researchers invite representatives from several relevant verticals, including, equipment manufacturers, content providers, cloud providers, IT providers, telco operators, governmental agencies, and academia Under an appropriate environment of innovative thinking and productive mindset, the NECOS industrial workshop offers an opportunity for different stakeholders to exchange experiences and enhance their networking and technical portfolio w.r.t. slicing and cloudification in the 5G era.

In addition to the NECOS perspective, the workshop will cover relevant issues through lightning views and a discussion panel embracing different perspectives (vendors, content providers, operators, and researchers), towards a common ground for upcoming methodologies, tools, implementations, and novel applications, services, and business models to address real-world problems and opportunities.

Organized as a half-day event under an open innovation mindset, the agenda looks as follows:

  • 9:00 – 9:15: Opening
    • Workshop Introduction / Objectives / Presentations
      (Prof. Christian Rothenberg & Prof. Joan Serrat)
  • 9:15 – 10:30: Lightning talks
    • Operator / Service Provider views
      • Luis Contreras (Telefonica)
      • Marcos Felipe Schwarz (RNP)
    • Vendor views
      • Alessandro Nascimento (Nokia)
      • Mateus Santos (Ericsson Research)
    • Research views
      • Gustavo Correa (CPqD)
      • Jorge Seki (CPqD / 5G-RANGE)
      • Prof. Nelson Fonseca (UNICAMP)
  • 10:30 – 11:00: Coffee Break
  • 11:00 – 11:45: NECOS Approach, value proposition, and demos
    • Technical highlights by Prof. Alex Galis (University College London – UCL)
    • Demonstrations by Prof. Fabio Verdi (UFSCAR)
  • 11:45 – 12:30: Wrap-Up panel with speakers and invited experts
    • Moderator: Prof. Christian Rothenberg
    • Luis Contreras (Telefonica)
    • Daniel Oliveira (Algar Telecom)
    • Mateus Santos (Ericsson)
    • Alessandro Nascimento (Nokia)
    • Gustavo Correa Lima (CPQD)
    • Prof. Nelson Fonseca (UNICAMP)


Comments and questions can be directed to:

  • Christian Rothenberg (chesteve[AT]dca.fee.unicamp.br) and/or
  • David Moura (dfcmoura[AT]dca.fee.unicamp.br)

Event live stream / video recording: http://go.cpqd.com.br/niw

Watch the 90 second NECOS video

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