INTRIG at IETF Virtual Interim Meeting

The in-person IETF 107 Vancouver meeting (March 21-27) was canceled given the circumstances created by the spread of COVID-19. However, many virtual interim meetings have taken place during April and May.

The ALTO IETF WG planned to hold a virtual interim on Tuesday, Apr 21. Danny Alex Lachos Perez presented the draft “Supporting Multi-domain Use Cases with ALTO”. The presentation provides some insights to show that multi-domain applications can benefit from network information exposure using ALTO. More specifically, it identifies what network information the multi-domain applications need and the benefit of using it. Next, it discusses the issues in the ALTO design of gathering such multi-domain information. Finally, it lists a set of mechanisms to design a multi-domain ALTO framework.

The presented slides are available here and the video recording here.

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