MACSAD & BB-Gen: Our Newest P4 Open Source Projects

Multi-architecture Compiler System for Abstract Data plane (MACSAD) project has already resulted in a Poster & Demo @SIGCOMM16, a conference paper @IEEE-HPSR’17, a Demo @P4Workshop’18, and a journal paper @JSAC-COMSOC’18.

Likewise, BB-Gen has received wide interest from the community while being presented as Demos @SBRC’18, @P4Workshop’18, and @SIGCOMM’18.

Aware of the open source role in research, in general, and in the field of (softwarized) networking, in particular, the INTRIG Lab decided to open source these two projects as looking for new contributions and community-driven impact results.

The two Github repositories are available here:

For other open source projects (e.g., Mininet-WiFi, libfluid, RouteFlow, etc.) from INTRIG Lab, please follow us on  Github.

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