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INTRIG Participation at ACM CoNEXT 2023

Paris, known as the city of lights, recently hosted the International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT 2023) from December 5th to 8th, 2023. This conference served as a pivotal platform for the exchange of novel networking technologies set to shape the future of internetworking. With a single-track format, CoNEXT 2023 boasted a high-quality technical program, fostering extensive opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange among a diverse array of participants, thus stimulating valuable discussions between various international research communities.

Among the attendees was our Ph.D. student, Francisco Vogt, who received the prestigious ACM Travel Grant to participate in CoNEXT 2023. Francisco had the unique opportunity to immerse himself in the latest developments in networking technologies and engage with leading experts, researchers, and professionals in the networking domain.

During the conference, Francisco had the opportunity to meet, converse, and exchange experiences with various students, professionals, and researchers in the field. Notably, he had the privilege of interacting once again with Professor Gianni Antichi and his students from Politecnico di Milano. Francisco and our research group maintain ongoing collaborations with Professor Antichi and his team, enhancing knowledge-sharing and fostering collaboration between institutions.

As part of the requirements for the ACM Travel Grant, Francisco also had the opportunity to present a lightning talk in the student workshop about his research background and ongoing research. This lightning talk session was designed to provide travel grant awardees like Francisco with the chance to introduce themselves to each other and to the research community, thus fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the academic community.

In closing, Francisco extends his heartfelt gratitude to the ACM for providing him with the invaluable opportunity to attend CoNEXT 2023 through the Travel Grant. This experience has been instrumental in his academic and professional development, broadening his horizons, and deepening his understanding of the latest advancements in networking technologies. Francisco is immensely grateful for the chance to engage with esteemed colleagues, exchange ideas, and foster meaningful collaborations during the conference. He looks forward to applying the knowledge gained and continuing to make impactful contributions to the field of networking, thanks to the support of organizations like ACM.

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