INTRIG Participation at ANRW’20


The ACMIRTF & ISOC Applied Networking Research Workshop 2019 (ANRW’20) was scheduled to be an online workshop, running from July 30-31, 2020; co-located with the IETF-108 meeting.

Danny Lachos presented the paper “Multi-Domain Information Exposure using ALTO: The Good, the Bad and the Solution” at the Transport Protocols and Traffic Engineering session [paper][slides][video]. This position paper summarizes key design issues of the Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) protocol to support multi-domain representation, as well as basic mechanisms to be considered to allow ALTO to expose network information across multiple domains.

Danny Lachos also gave a talk at the IETF-108 as part of ALTO re-charter discussion [slides][video]. Technical discussions are taking place in the working work to support the emerging new uses of ALTO, such as extensions for cellular networks, for Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), for huge data, for multi-domain ALTO services, and ALTO optimizations.

Finally, in line with the IETF ALTO activities, Danny Lachos was asked to be a guest author of a two blog post series at the APNIC Blog:

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