Samira Afzal

PhD Student

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Samira Afzal has successfully defended her PhD on the 29th of July, at University of Campinas (UNICAMP). During her PhD, she had a collaborate with Samsung in a project with her research group in the area of mobile video streaming. She graduated the M.Sc. degree in Information Technology from Sharif University of Technology, Iran, 2011. During her master, she worked in the area of localization in mobile wireless sensor networks, and she was a researcher at Intelligence System Laboratory at Sharif University of Technology.

Research Interests

Mobile video streaming, video standards including codecs and network transport protocols (e.g., MMT, DASH, MPTCP, QUIC)
Augmented and virtual reality
Wireless communications and Cloud computing
Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization.


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  • Contribution to the MMT standard: ISO / IEC JTC 1 / SC 29 N17977 ISO / IEC 23008-13 4th Edition MPEG Media Transport Implementation Guideline (IG)
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