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Nathan Saraiva

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Nathan Saraiva has a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science from Federal University of Piaui (UFPI), in 2005 and 2015, respectively. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering – UNICAMP. He works in a project funded by Ericsson named Control Loop Architecture with Adaptive Policy and Machine Learning Capabilities. Since 2010 he is a Computer Analyst at the Federal Institute of Piaui (IFPI). Experienced Network Analyst with experience in network administration and management, Firewalls, Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP), and SDN.

Research Interests
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • Network Functions Virtualization
  • Multi-domain Orchestration
  • Closed Control Loop

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    abstract = {Packet Processor Programming, Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are different technologies involved in network programming, typi- cally known as Network "Softwarization". This trend is already a reality in the Telecom- munications and Information Technology and Communication industry. The network pro- grammability seeks to optimize costs, automate processes, and offer new services with the flexibility and agility to create them. The “Softwarization" is creating the conditions for reinventing the network and service architectures. This mini-course has the follow- ing objectives: to present a bottom-up vision in the area of network programming; to approach the principles of programming in the data plane presenting the P4 language; define data forwarding technology through the OpenFlow protocol (SDN); to present the network function virtualization in the orchestration of services; and finally, to discuss the main challenges in the area of network programming. Thus, the mini-course will provide the participants the main points of the network "softwarization" with focus on the current tendencies for several lines of research.},
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