ScaleNet – Converged Network of the Future. (2005 – 2006)

ScaleNet aspires to develop a comprehensive, cost-effective, flexible and efficient system concept, which aims at an IP optimized integration of heterogeneous wireless and wire line networks and their access technologies in order to provide attractive multimedia broadband services. Sustainable user benefit is achieved by an easy and unified usage of services (“click and wow” effect) with unlimited mobility and eventually by lower costs. ScaleNet offers these cost savings both to network operators during deployment and operation of the network and to service providers by allowing for an easy introduction of new services. Particularly, and in accordance with 3GPP System Architecture Evolution, the protection of operator and vendor investment shall be an important aspect for the devised architecture and solutions in ScaleNet. Within ScaleNet the University of Tübingen will work in three important areas namely Accounting, Charging, and Security.