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Carlos Rony Recalde Vitonera

Msc. Candidate

rony [at]

Short Bio

Carlos Rony Recalde Vitonera is an MSc. Candidate at The University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in the Department Engineering and Industrial Automation (DCA), School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FEEC), Brazil and a member of Information & Networking Technologies Research & Innovation Group (INTRIG), where he works on In-network Edge Control Applications using Programmable Switches (INCAPS) by Ericsson.

Recalde has a degree in Electronic Engineering and a specialization degree in Telecommunications by Salesian Polytechnic University (UPS), Ecuador.

Research Interests
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • Programmable Data Planes
  • P4 languages
  • Edge Control
  • Cloud Robotics

Authors: Type:


  • [PDF] F. R. Cesen, L. Csikor, C. Recalde, C. Esteve Rothenberg, and G. Pongrácz, “Towards low latency industrial robot control in programmable data planes,” in 2020 6th ieee international conference on network softwarization (netsoft) (netsoft 2020), Ghent, Belgium, 2020.
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