5G Multi-Domain Orchestrator (2016-2018). Funded by Ericsson.

It is envisioned by this project proposal to firstly articulate the state of the art for the intelligent deployment of decomposed network services (e.g., 5G slices). Aiming to support the increased traffic workload of mobile along with QoS expectations from users and service providers, this project will investigate the deployment of multi-domain network service chains to supply the main 5G requirements. In addition, service negotiation among multiple service providers leveraging network intelligence shall be considered, e.g., how to export/import internal views (e.g., negotiation of virtualized resources) to address consistent end-to-end services.

Research questions associated with the optimization of 5G inter-domain services deployment shall be investigated under the perspective of self-contained intelligence in different processes supporting orchestration and management functions. For example, recommendation of the deployment of NFs in a particular domain and technology combination considering the context of the traffic being handled by specific network service chains. 5G is expected to offer services to thousands of users and nodes distributed over carrier and cloud networks.

In order to automate such service delivery at scale and provide the required intelligence to enable optimized virtualized resource usage, not only a proper mapping of graph structures is needed concerning SDN and NFV, but also a solid understanding of appropriate graph algorithms and their dynamic scaling and performance properties. For example, proper understanding of what a node degree, centrality, sparsity, among other graph properties may represent inside a 5G slice (e.g., deployment and interconnection) are some of the answers these project proposal intends to look for.